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It is always a pleasure to deal with the World Pacific Team. We have recently relocated our office.The work with Josef and Team was efficient and professional. All our needs were met with competent advice and prompt results. Thank you so much for your personal service and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Wolfgang Klapproth

Office of the Honorary Consul-General of the Federal Republic of Germany

After the frustration that often came when dealing with large, impersonal telecommunication companies, it has been a refreshing change to work with WorldPacific. In their field, the level of service, expertise and helpfulness I have received is beyond anything I have experienced in the past 20 years of being in business. They have strived to meet my needs in a streamlined and cost-effective way. They answer my cals personally, return my emails and follow through with their commitments. I have moved all my lines and internet with them and am more than happy to provide testimonial for their business.

Alan Johns, Prinicpal Physiotherapist

Terrace Physio Plus

My phone accounts had become unwieldy and unfathomable. In discussions over many months the large Telco failed to solve my problem and indeed failed to acknowledge that there was a problem. WorldPacific not only showed me the way but with their effective direction I received a refund of $3,900.00 from the large Telco. How nice was that! I now use. WorldPacific and my invoices in the last 18 months have been clear and accurate and the savings have been substantial. I propose to extend my relationship with WorldPacific into other areas.

Fundraising & Mentoring Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Wayne Bruce, Director

We moved to WorldPacific 12 years ago as we could never get any satisfaction from our other carrier, Telstra, when we needed it. We just wanted to be able to talk to someone who was interested in our problem. At WorldPacific that's exactly what we get, and what's more if the problem persists they keep us I the loop – we know we are not being ignored. Personal service is what counts for us. Oh! And we saved money at the same time.

Edgar Adams, Publisher

Central Coast Business Review

"WorldPacific has been the telecommunications provider for the NSWGA for the last 5 years. The audited figures for telephone expenses from the Annual Report in 2003 was $34,253 and was reduced to $21,946 in 2004, this gave a saving of $12,307, and all the Association did was change its provider to WorldPacific Communications."

David C. Allen, Executive Director

NSW Golf Association

WorldPacific Communications was so helpful in getting to know our needs and suggesting the best, most cost-effective networked phone system with virtually no disruption to our business. They were responsive, professional, and dealt with all issues expertly.

In October 2013, we relocated our business. They made the process easy from start to finish! The equipment is simple to use, loaded with functionality and far better than we had anticipated. We also installed a fax server so faxes come directly to our email saving us even more time. Their after-sale service was just as important to us and they have looked after us thoroughly.

By choosing to go with WorldPacific we eliminated unnecessary expenses (and saved money) while upgrading to the latest technology with increased efficiency. I highly recommend WorldPacific Communications to other small businesses in Sydney or the Double Bay area.

Director, L'Elegante


We joined the WorldPacific team in 2002, with the promise that the challenges of multiple bills and bill quality would be a thing of the past. We never thought we would resolve all our old telecommunications issues until WorldPacific presented us with a single full comprehensive bill incorporating all our services, and we also obtained lower call charges. We now look forward to transferring our Mobile phones to WorldPacific as they are released from their contracts with other carriers. We will then have all our telecommunications (excluding internet services) on a single monthly bill.
Thank you very much for making this transition so successful.

Melissa O'Donnell, Office Administrator

Origin Capital Group Pty Ltd.


As a recent new Member of WorldPacific, I wish to express in writing our satisfaction with the service we have received to this time. WorldPacific handled our change-over with great professionalism and were always available to discuss this process with us. They have resolved all our telecommunications issues and have delivered on their promises of lower costs and a higher quality service. We look forward to continuing the positive relationship so far created.

Greg Smith, General Manager

Streetwise Retail Advertising & Communications Pty Ltd.