Complaint Handling Policy


WorldPacific aims to provide highest level of customer service to ensure better services to all our present, former and prospective customers. The purpose of this document is to give context and direction to our current Complaint Handling Policy which is compliant with Telecommunication Consumer Protection (TCP) Code. WorldPacific will provide you fair, effective and prompt resolutions of any complaints concerning our products and services.

Your Legal Rights

  1. As our customer, you will receive accurate and relevant information on all the products and services we offer. Promotion of products and services will not have any misleading information.
  2. You have right to comment or complain about your dealings and always have your privacy protected.
  3. You have the right to easy access and a point of contact to lodge a complaint.
  4. You have the right to fair, open and structured process for resolving customer complaints.
  5. You will receive an effective remedy and will be assisted on resolving of the disputes quickly and fairly.

Making a Complaint

A complaint can be made via telephone, fax, email, or our online support desk at or by mail. If you wish to lodge a written complaint, you can forward your correspondence to:

Managing Director
WorldPacific Communication Pty. Ltd.
Suite 306A, 30-36 Bay Street
Double Bay Sydney, NSW 2028

Contact Details:

Suite 306A, 30-36 Bay Street
Double Bay Sydney, NSW 2028
Phone: 02 9328 1818 (Sydney)
Fax: 02 9328 1419 (Sydney)


If you have complaints regarding any aspect of your account or dealings with worldPacific, the quickest way of resolving the complaint is by speaking to one of our Representatives. You can also use an authorized representative or an advocate to make a complaint on your behalf.

Email or Letter

You can formally lodge a complaint via email, fax or letter. Upon receiving your written complaint, we will acknowledge your matter within 3-5 business days. We will keep you informed regarding progress of the complaint as well as expected time frame for resolution.


  1. If a complaint is made in person or via telephone to a staff member, we will acknowledge it immediately.
  2. If a complaint is made via email, our website or via post, we will acknowledge it within 3-5 working days.
  3. When we acknowledge your complaint, we will provide you a unique customer reference that you can use to identify the complaint and an indicative time frame to resolve it.
  4. We will inform you about how the complaint will be managed and outline the subsequent procedures for the resolution.

Handling your Complaint

  1. Upon receiving a verbal or a written complaint, we will acknowledge your matter via telephone or in writing within 3-5 working days.
  2. We will regularly keep you informed about the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and expected timeframe for resolution.
  3. Our aim is to resolve a complaint in a timely manner and we generally resolve a matter within 15 working days.
  4. Complex complaints may take longer than 15 days to resolve. In these cases we will regularly update you on the progress and expected timeframe to resolve the issue.
  5. We will record your personal information solely for the purpose of addressing your complaint. Your personal details will be actively protected from any means of disclosure.
  6. We will also record all the details of your complaint including the facts, cause of your complaints, possible outcome and course of action taken following the investigation.

Review of your Complaints

The complaints will be reviewed initially for fact finding to determine if any additional information or documentation is required to complete the investigation. We may need to contact you to request additional details or to clarify the details we have recorded.


Following the completion of the investigation, we will notify you of our findings and necessary actions we might have taken in regards to your complaints.

Dismissal of Complaints

The following types of complaints will not be addressed by Complaint Handling Policy:

  1. Complaints that are not supported by the circumstances or those that do not raise any significant or addressable issues.
  2. Complaints that are raised by the customer only to cause inconvenience to the service provider.
  3. While anonymous complaints are not encouraged, they are accepted. Complainants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. However, it should be duly noted, that an anonymous complaint might be difficult to investigate as further details of the circumstances relating to the complaint might be difficult to obtain.